Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toothfairys are fickle......

I mean they are just not loyal.  They know that teeth are there.......unless they have selective hearing.  Yet they forget or just choose to not show up.  Sometimes they even leave the money and forget the teeth.....according to  Hou.  According to K, they leave the money and give the teeth to mom, because moms like to keep them. (?) According to Rye.....he is a nonbeliever.  The child once went a whole month with a tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy NEVER came!!!  How crazy is that!!!  Especially since he gave Rye 20$ for his first lost tooth!  I told him it was all down hill from there.  Since Rye has decided to lose 6 teeth this month........that the tooth fairy must have went broke on his mouth and needed to share the love.  He doesnt even bother anymore putting them under the pillow.  He just brings them home and says "here mom" *gross*.   Oh.....I tell you.....Those toothfairy's are fickle.....I don't trust them. 

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