Wednesday, March 03, 2010

texting vs. talking

Why is it we can all text better than talk?
Why can we tell people exactly how we feel in text but not face to face?

I have had alot of great conversations with people over text, heck I have had alot of great conversations with people over wine.  When it comes to most people in my life, this is a non issue .  Others not so much.  J and I are like this(yes totally letting you in on some secrets here).  I don't care.  my blog.  We are though.  We can have this fabulous conversations over text then we get together and its complete verbal bankruptcy.  It does not work.  Half the time we end up yelling at each other or pouting.  Oh we are not angry with each other just noncommunicatable.  (like the word, didnt you)  Which sometims does turn into anger.......and over complete lack of communication...... Always Always turns into a morning texting each other "sorry".  I hate this.....and we really need to break the cycle. 
Maybe its the whole "hey can I text you?" pickup line.  Can I get your digits?   Puh-lease.  Granted we started out that way.  Sorta.  We text all summer long before we ever went out.  Never a phone call, never anything more than "hey, whats up....what are you up to?"  Even after we went out , it was texting.  Mostly because we lived 4 hours away from each other.  We would attempt to talk at night on the phone but lets face it....we sucked at that.  I never could understand the whole Lower Alabama Twang(sorry friends), especially over the phone.  Fast forward several months and we still text.  During the day while he is at work. Now let me just state for the record.....There are times that we are boiling over to tell each other something and we have great talks. The cool thing is that the longer we are together the more moments we have like this.......Just not always.  Its not a big deal.....its just a sign of the times.  Yet it did remind me of this youtube my friend Misti showed me......enjoy.

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Shannon said...

Very cute! I don't have a cell phone (yes, I live on planet Earth) so I don't get the whole texting thing...I don't even like talking on the phone...I would rather speak to someone face to face...but I did love the post it was funny! Have a great Day and Happy Blogging! God Bless ~shannon~