Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday is the day....

At least the day for memes. I have been reading around......blogging being more interesting than facebook to me lately and found some I am totally interested in. 

I like this one.....of course I love pictures.....and telling people about them.....

Pick the 25th picture in the picture file and tell about it.....Okay here is mine....

I have been putting pics of my Pop in a file to keep.....and this just happen to be #25. 
This is about 6 years ago.  R was 3.5 and K looks about 6 months.  I was very honored that both my children got to meet Papa and both remember him fondly.  He died 1.5 years ago and we all talk about him still.  They called him Grand Pa Pop.......I just called him Papa. 

The next meme is Thursday 13....because I have not participating in a few weeks.
13 Random Things for the week
1. It is totally storming outside which I believe gives me the excuse to not get dressed and lay around and read in bed. 
2.  Which I would totally do but I have to read Sir Gawain today for my Lit class.....and write about it.  Well maybe Sir Gawain and I will have to go to bed today. 
3. Speaking of bed....everytime I crawl in it cracks me up because of these pillow cases.

Because I have a man who thinks its funny to give "knuckles".  Its been a joke.  He and his cousin do this constantly........I mean drive us girls crazy.  To the point that it is now a joke and we do it to each other jokingly (rolling eyes).  The problem is they have gotten so used to doing it.....they do it to us. 
J: What's for dinner?
Me: Spaghetti
J: *inserts his fist coming towards me*
Me: Turns back to cooking without giving him "knuckles"
J: Thats just wrong girl....

So the pillow cases were brought home from the New Orleans trip.  I saw them in Hustler(don't you judge me) and I new that my man needed here they are. 

4. I have 23 Fundraisers , 5 field trip permission slips, 19 millky way bars to buy, and 765 baseball practices and games to attend. 
All before May.........
Is school out already?....

5. I have a current event paper do Friday about anything fitness or health related......I wonder what I should choose....cough, spew, hiss.....

6.  I watched Brothers last night.  I say I because the other part of We fell asleep.  Let me just say for the record....if you are military or even a former military wife.  Don't watch.  Its heart wrenching. Worse it just cut me deep.   I could hardly bare it.  I was crying in the first 5 minutes.....and by the end I had text C to see if he was ok.  ( We are still very good friends.) He said: "Why the hell would you watch a movie like that"  I said :" Momentary lapse of judgement" He said: "Go watch a comedy"
Okay....I fell asleep reading.
Don't do have been warned.

7.Speaking of my book.....Its called Sunshine by Robin McKinley....I found it on a book review blog( I am so sorry but I can not remember where or I would link!) I immediately got the book and have been reading it.  If you can get past all the sci-fi bru ha ha......then you might like the Vampire...Human girl love thing.  Isn't that a movie?

8.  Ha....Just kidding.......says the person who has been living in New Moon fog all week.  I heart you....Jacob!  Yes, I have totally turned to the furry side.  There will always be a special place in my heart for Vamps but I love it when he takes his shirt off and the way he speaks......oh forget...I am gone. Kinda like how Anita Blake was when she met Nathaniel.......or one of the other shapesifters.....Anyone? Go read Laurell K. will not forget it.

9. I have brought J over to the dark side.  He went to the Chiropractor yesterday.  And Loved It!  Told ya.....Now could someone pay for me to go?

10. This week I have done 45 loads of laundry....which I made the kids help sort, swept, mopped, cooked, dusted........and you can't tell .......not one little bit.

11.  On a side note.....I think I need to do 45 more loads, cook tonight, and clean bathrooms.....oh Oy.....I hear you Sir Gawain.....

12. I am going over to Ky's house for some much needed coffee girl time.  Not long because I have a date with the Gawain guy but it will be nice.  I feel like I have been running crazy this week but accomplished nothing....Maybe its just the week after Spring Break.

13. We are contemplating a dog.  yes you heard me.  We who are just starting to settle into a new routine.....getting adjusted. blah. blah. blah. 
Someone J knows is having Mastiff puppies in April hem....MASTIFF.  and we are supposed to LOOK at them.  H wants one and its his bday this weekend.  I just don't know.......It will eat us out of house and home.........what to do.  I really want to rescue a Greyhound.....which J is not opposed to.  But I want it for me.....just me.  Oh it can play with the kids....but its mine.  Now the kids are on the Greyhound kick......but secretly I don't want to share. 

Okay....2 memes is good. 


Janet said...

thanks for reminding me to call my chiro!

VandyJ said...

Cool that your kids got to know their Grand Pa Pop. I worked for a chiropractor for 4 years, I brought my hubby over too.

Tabatha said...

I loved your random things... they were so fitting! And good luck with those papers hon

Brittney said...

aww Im glad your kids got to meet your papa (sorry for your loss)
I had to read sir gawain for my lit class last semester, I actually liked it so maybe you can get into it :) (If I would have saved my paper on it I would have forwarded it to you lol) Thanks for participating!!!