Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today's word is New Moon......

Well actually thats two words.
Get it
You will not regret it.
Since my Walmart is not 24 hours(which is totally fascinating)
I will be going this morning. 
I am stoked!
Mainly because I cant wait to see Taylor Lautner take off his shirt again.
Jailbait. Jailbait. Jailbait.
Sidenote: I love Edward .....don't get me wrong.....but I kinda fell for the Wolf here. 
Its kinda like in those Laurel K. Hamilton books....where you like the vamp....always the vamp....but the shapeshifters totally sneak in there and grab your heart....I don't know. I live in a fantasy world. 
Have I mentioned my favorite subject is Vampires, Shapeshifters.....etc.
Anyway....I got off subject
Apparently Walmart is selling their copy with the exculusive trailor to Eclipse...Yipee!
Well Its 540am....I will be leaving in about an hour.....lets home the big city (wink) down the road did not have a run on Twilight at 5 this morning. 
Because my coffee has not even brewed!

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