Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 13 and the letter M.......

Thursday 13

1. Make me get out of bed......just make me.  I am so tired this week and still sore.  Better today.  but still sore.

2. Move my ass.  Okay , I really need to get is just a stretching video for Insanity. 

3. Muffins.....How do the boys reason that they get 4 muffins a piece, leaving K only 1.  I don't get their math. 

4. Speaking of Math.....I like this. New Math

5. More Little league tonight. Hope we can get someone to ...I don't know....keep score.

6. Making a list for the grocery store....because I have been to sore to go all week.  Sad.

7.  Because I am pretty sure J does not want to Make do with what we have .....another night. 

8. I really would like to declare this ......lay in bed and watch Movies Day.

9. Of course those classes are not going to finish up by themselves and my teachers are making plans for finals.  Maybe I should make plans for finals. 

10. Mullet Toss in Gulf Shores is coming up.  This sounds like an adventure.  A redneck adventure....but hey it gets me to the beach.

11. First I am going to make an appearance at the Bike Rally and Crawfish Festival this weekend. Many drunk half naked people on Bikes..............Fun.

12. I am registering for Summer classes and of all the classes I need I could not get into my Math class.  Grrr.....I am so behind in this area!

13. Mark my words, if my car gets hit by a baseball one more time, this mama is going to throw a fit. 

There you have it.....13 Random M things.  Mostly.  I was stretching a little. 


Shannon said...

So funny! I think it is National Watch Movies Day somewhere in the world! Great post!

Beth said...

You're cute! Sorry about the Math class. Upcoming fall semester is the first time my son has gotten the schedule he wanted on first registration attempt. Usually something fills up before he gets there. I make grocery lists too ... and then I give them to my sweet husband (who has more flex time than I do) and he goes grocery shopping. Works out great! :) I'm blessed!


Loved your post, a joy to read.