Tuesday, May 25, 2010


BWS tips buttonTuesday Tag-Along

Hello and Welcome.....I love new followers and I love to find new interesting blogs!  That is what these follow along are all about. 

Hmmm..... a little about me.  Lets see.  Well I am a city girl.....that some how met this boy......who lives in the COUNTRY.........and I am desperately trying to find my way here.......or my way to the beach.  This blog is about that, me, my kids, my small town experiences, my photos, MY LIFE.  Hope  you like! 

Please stay tuned today because I have LOADS to blog about.  What you ask?

  • I need to tell you all about my daughters awful *I got stuck in my bike* affair. 
  • I need to tell you about the same daughter graduating Kindergarten
  • I need to tell you why my version of slip and slide has nothing on "these folks" in the South
  • I need to catch you up on all the photos of the weekend. 
That may be it.  Maybe.  I am ready for a slow down. 

Oh and yeah this



Coffee Please!?! said...

summer break - so soon?? my kids don't get out of school until the 3rd week in June!! they are so jealous!!

Pam said...

Yea for summer break! My kids are out too! I am following you from TTA and hope you'll visit/follow me too!

Yolanda Nussdorfer said...

Love your blog. I only follow blogs I will actually read and am happy to put your on my list. I hope you take a peek at mine

Creative Flair- #111 TTA

SmartShopaholic said...

Love all of your stories. :)

I'm visiting from TAT. I would love it if you stopped by my blog sometime.