Monday, June 07, 2010

and if you are still bored...............

if you are still bored.....
gather all the friends and family, a water hose, and lots of barrels......

and fill 1400 water balloons!

a rocking sling slot is a big help.  Just don't aim it at Great Grand Paw Paw's house! 

Boys seriously ! He is going to tan your hides!

thats better.....move it out into the pasture........and hit people as they come to the creek.
Set the barrels out!  Wait , everyone is not here yet!!!!


Thats it.....make teams.  One on either side of the Creek.

It will become an all out war!

Paybacks are hell!

When in doubt get the slingshot back out......and close range....even better.

Definetly let the kids try the slingshot.  The little kids.....

3 hours to fill, 20 minutes to throw them all.  So fill the buckets and chase after each other.

Another war.

Let the dogs in the water.

Take pictures ....

Play in the mud.

Then finally start up a "the great kickball game"

That never ends

Until all the grownups pass out!

Enjoy your Summer days! We sure are!

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Cranberry Morning said...

That looks like so much fun! I grew up near a muddy creek and we played in it all the time. Made forts, camped out, built rafts, etc.

At our current home where our kids grew up, we also have a creek. Every generation needs to play in the creek/lake/stream. :-)

Our Misty definitely isn't a greyhound. I met my first greyhounds in Cirencester, England in 2003! They were wonderful dogs!!