Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Catching pictures

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So I made this collage of all that has been going on lately....
I have not posted in awhile and now that I have some extra time I thought I would catch up. 
The collage is mainly because blogger was taking HOURS to upload pics.
Here you go....Left to Right, Top to Bottom.....
1. Went on a visit to the parents house, mainly to see some friends and celebrate Misti's bday.
2.  We taught the kids to be criminals.....not really just a lesson in rolling.  Don't get panties in wad......the people new in advance we were going to do it. 
3. and took them hiking. 
4. , 5., and 6. Went on field trip with K, found farm's fattest pumpkin....according to her
7. Prepared for Halloween party
8. Did the monster mash
9. Laid with the dog in the sunshine
10. Carved pumpkins
11.  Found a little mermaid
12.  That liked to make fish faces
13. Had a fabulous party where we bobbed for apples
14. With many great friends
15. Did a 3 legged race
16.  Made mummies
17. and had a visit from Thelma off the Mama's Family
18.  It was a great party and J and I are discussing what to do next year.
19.  Found a pirate on Halloween
20. and a princess on a horse
21.  riding BY HER SELF
22.  A lazy day in the hammock
23. And pumpkins on Halloween night
24. Jack-o-lanterns

There is so many other things...this is just a few things.   I really need to get the boys to pose for pictures more......Why do they run when I get the camera out? 

Now we are enjoying a easy November.  Lots of time off school for both me and the kids.  Looking forward to all of it. 
My weekend starts today!

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