Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I am a pincushion

Yesterday....I drove(dragged) myself to the doctor where I volunteered myself for a TB test, Hep B shot, and 4 blood titers.  OUCH.  I will be dragging myself back for more in the months to come. 

Parents keep your kids immunization records....official ones!  I have to have them for Nursing School which starts Friday.  Well no one knew where to look for any of my records and the health dept was not going to help me because I am not under 18 so I became a pincushion yesterday.  Oh yeah did I mention no health insurance.  Double ouch

For now I am walking around with a circle drawn around my TB Test.....Trying not to rub it.  But I really want to itch it like Hell!!!!!  Last night was miserable...I am a side sleeper.  I had two bad arms ...It sucked tremendously. 

Thats all for my whining session today.  Thank you. 

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