Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Todays the day!

I go in for my first full day of nursing classes today.  I am nervous, excited, anxious.  Wondering where this will all take me.  Hoping the school pulls their head out of their asses and gets organized.  They have really been dragging butt on schedules....keeping everyones pell grants on hold.  So at the first day of school dawns I have no schedule and no books.  I was just told to show up at 7:30am.  Awesome.

On the upside, after today I will only have a AM class then off for the rest of the week. 

Few other things I am totally excited about.....

Going to pick up my son's national champion Auburn shirt today after classes.  I might be nice and get one for J.  I totally fell asleep last was a late game and I had to get up early.  It is DVR'd so I am keeping my ears shut and staying off FB so I don't hear spoilers. 

Had a ton of fun last night playing UNO with the family.  The kids had a blast and J and I cheated......Now before you get upset at that......Thats just how J is.  He knew KK was at a disadvantage so he would swing the game in her direction to give her help.   It was alot of fun though and we need to do it more often.  Is it just me or has the rules of the game changed?

Next I am pretty excited about this weekend....Not because the kids will be gone but because we get to go see MP4.  I love this band!  Looking forward to a weekend with J and great music. 

Well Im out because my time draws near......Wish me luck!


Arlee Bird said...

We're doing the A to Z Challenge again this year. You managed pretty well with it last year. Do you want to try it again this year?

Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

Married to the Military said...

I see that you have not updated your blog in a year, but I was curious to know where you are going to school. I go to Hopkinsville in KY and they are the most disorganized school on the planet!