Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lessons from a Marigold

I have a marigold sitting in a pot outside. I put the pot on a table that is situated between the two chairs that my husband and I frenquently sit in during our evenings. This marigold is very healthy and has 3 or 4 flowers bursting to open up. Patiently I have waited for the new blooms. Needless to say these are one of my favorite flowers. My parents have always had marigolds around the home. On the porches, in flower beds, and especially in the garden. My dad would surround his vegetable garden with them to keep critters at bay. Now that I am grown and attempting to grow a few vegetables myself, I do the same thing. I keep a few of these flowers around my squash, zucchini, and baby pumpkins, but I like to put a few in pots to display around the yard. This one plant is holding my attention though. It is because of the bulb this plant is supporting. It is huge and by far bigger than any of the others. For days the bulb has gotten bigger and bigger. I keep thinking it is going to burst open and produce this beautiful flower, but alas it does not. This has been discussed nightly by my husband and I. We have a bet to see how long it takes to open up. Regardless of when it happens I know that it will open up and be a huge and beautiful bloom.
I feel that way sometimes. That I am just bursting at the seems and ready to bloom. When I do, I know I will be huge. Yet I know that the things that I am doing may seem insignificant to some, but they are big and significant to those in my family. Doing chores around the house, walking my son to school, talking or playing with my children, or listening to my husband's day are all part of what makes up this family. Sometimes I feel like it is not enough. I should be part of something bigger, doing something more, or contributing to a higher cause. We all get thoughts or even glimpses of something greater, but I know that there is no greater accomplishment than taking care of my family.
Some people believe that the marigold has culinary and medicinal uses. It has been used for centuries to comfort the heart and soul. That marigold bloom will open up in a few days and be everthing I expect it to be. I am content knowing that I may not ever do anything great by the worlds standards, but like that marigold, the things that I am doing will comfort the heart and soul of my family.

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