Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Refraction of the sun's rays

Yesterday evening my husband and I went out into the backyard for some quiet time after dinner. We have come accustom to doing this since are move out of the desert and into the mountains. Chris says we have sat more in our new backyard than we have in all of the 5 years we have lived out west. It is so beautiful up here. The climate is wonderful and every afternoon this summer we have been given thunderstorms. These big rolling clouds roll in and with them come the rain and even cooler weather. But yesterday they brought a new gift. The most beautiful rainbow. The colors were so vibrant and it seemed like you could reach out and touch it. We called the kids outside and told them to look up. As they did you could see their eyes widen with the beauty that was before us. I am pretty sure my children have never seen this before. Yes they have seen little rainbow spots(as we used to call them), but never a fully complete, cascading across the sky rainbow! You could even see those streaks of the sun's rays radiating from it. How glorious.
I guess I will always be amazed at the wonders that are in nature. We have such beauty before us, if we only take the time to notice. Everytime I see a rainbow I think back to a time in my childhood. I can remember walking home from the water park that our small town sported. I was alone crossing a huge field that lead back into the suburbs. It had rained that day and the sky was cloudy, but over this field was a rainbow. I remember it being huge, spanning the entire field. And there I was alone to enjoy it. I must have sat there in that field until it disapeared. The feeling I remember was contentment. I had that same feeling last night. Maybe not as deeply as I did in my childhood but it was still there asking me to let it out. As adults I think we let to many things get to us and we are unable to fully appreciate the small things. Such a shame when something like this is before us. I hope my children can feel that same feeling you get when you witness one of God's wonders. And never forget to LOOK UP!

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Susan Hopkins said...

You write so beautifully. I feel like I shared an important part of your life.

Keep up the good writing!

Hoppy (ScrapShare)