Monday, August 07, 2006

Trying to Reason with the First Day of School

Our family is starting a new chapter in our lives today. We have been building up to it for a while now and for the most part we were ready. I have decided to walk to school with Lulu in the stroller and Rye on his bike. It is one mile to the school. So it will give us all some great excercise. This morning we got up, Chris made breakfast and I packed up the brand new Superman lunchbox. I talked Rye into getting the retro metal lunchbox. I am not sure he understood my fascination with this. We got ready and headed out to the garage to load up on bikes and stroller. But it would not be a first day if we did not forget a half a dozen things. One mile later we were ready to head into those double doors and start this adventure. Chris waited outside with Lu(she was crying). She is really going to miss bubby! Rye and I walked into the school and found his classroom, we waited our turn to get into what seemed like the busiest Kindergarten class in the hall. Hmmm, I try to not look into the classroom and notice there already seems to be to many students in the room. We find his seat and I take pictures of the class. The students all have the deer in the headlike look. Rye said I did not have to wait around. He is ready to spread his wings and me standing there will only hinder the spread. So with a heavy heart but dry eyes I walk back out of the school thinking about the time it took to get to this stage in our lives. I meet up with Chris and Lulu and we head back home with a short detour to the park. Just outside of the school parking lot I ask my husband if he could believe 5 years ago this day would ever come. He just smiles at me the way he always does and shakes his head no. My my, how we have changed so much in these several years.

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