Sunday, January 13, 2008

Best of this week

1. Box from Laura.......Laura was continuing with her gifts for the year. She altered a paint can for me. It was absolutely awesome!!! I need a pic of it , and will get one on here soon.

2. My workouts.....I ate great all week, staying on the diet and worked out faithfully every day!

3. I had friday night to myself without the kids. I just stayed home watched my Moonlight and scrapping and that was a great break.

4. Got my new phone, so I am not going around with my headphones on.

5. Moonlight(I can't forget this)

6. Laughing on the phone with Laura over you tubes!

Here is a pic I took yesterday as well. I am still taking them almost everyday , just not uploading them as much! I am really enjoying altering pics. I spend way to much time with this.

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jennifer said...

Thank you for your husband's service as well as that of you and your family, to our country. From an Alabamian, I say "Don't Go!" back to Arizona - we like having brave people like you in our state!
I enjoyed your blog and I will check back in.