Monday, January 14, 2008

Brave Girl

Kendal is so brave. We went shopping today with Jess and Emma. Emma has her ears pierced. Well this intrigued K, who constantly goes around with clipons. I will admit I secretly want her ears pierced but would always want it to be her choice. Well we walked into Claires to get some bows, she saw the earings and asked me to get them done. She was determined, even after I told her it would sting or hurt a little. She made it through the first ear, Eyes got real big, but not one drop fell! Second one......She let it all out for about a minute. Them she was so proud. She showed them to everyone! She is still very happy, I am not sure how happy I will be with all the cleanings, but it will be easy I hope! Oh did I mention she picked the most expensive ones out. So my child!

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