Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun times with the girls

Great party! I can't believe it has taken me a week to write about it. I have been putting in some major hours at the gym, and then of course it was a short week. Time sure does fly. Chris birthday was this week. It was the second year we spent it apart. Last year we got a cake and celebrated. This year , I just let it pass. Sometimes you just have to let days go by. Time is doubling up. I have already lived a January with out my husband. Anyway! STacey came over to go to the party with me as well as my cousin Krysten and her friend Evelyn. We had a great time. There was about 13 of us there including the consultants. The bubbly was flowing and the party got off to a great start! Of course put me and Stacey in the same room and we kind of feed off each other. i love that about our relationship! We had fun posing for some great pics. Had way to much to drink, but had an incredible time. We hooked my girl Jess up! She should have a great honeymoon!!! The wedding is just a few days away, I am very excited for her.
Well I forgot to post highlights of the week so I will now.
1. The party-alot of fun, and its been awhile since I had a girls night!
2. Spending time with Stacey. Its been a crazy year for both of us. We both wish we could have more time together. But that is what is great about our relationship, whenever we are together we always have a great time!!
3. I will add today's run to my highlights. I did about 8-9 miles. I am exhausted but man did that feel good. I feel like I am finally getting back in the groves of things.

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