Saturday, January 19, 2008

best pictures for the week

It has been another crazy week here. I should be up cleaning the house and doing laundry. Tonight is the bachelorette party and I have some friends staying over. The kids are at the grandparents house and I had last night to myself again. I sat around , finished up my Anita Blake novel, and watched Moonlight. I am so not happy about waiting possible 6 months for the return!!! It was a good episode, but a little bitter sweet knowing it was the last one. Sheesh, I have not been so hooked on a show in so long!

It snowed this week. Wedneday afternoon it came down for hours. Nothing accumulated but it was so pretty. I met Jess at spinning class and we all watched it through the windows as we rode. At the end of class we did this pretend road race(called drafting) We turned out the lights and pulled up the blinds as it snowed. It was exhilirating! Great workout. I have been to the gym a few times this week , but slacked off the cardio a little. Did well on the diet , and did well on the weight lifting but only did 3 days of good solid cardio.

Chris sent some new pictures. Well they were uploaded to the Nuristan website(link on your right). I love seeing pics of him when I have not seem him in so long. Its an odd feeling. We are almost to the two month mark! Better get my butt in gear! I am adding a pic here of him, he is wearing the Alabama Hat I sent him. It looks totally out of place, I love it!

Oh yeah, and I have kept up with the LOAD Challenge. It has been a struggle this week but I did it. I have another card for the deck of me challenge to do as well. I will get some uploaded later.

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