Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deck of me cards!

I am catching up! Can you believe it? And its only week 9 of the year. Okay, I am not totally caught up , but I only have two more to do. And I tell you I got to think on these for a bit. Quite a few of these I have been pondering for some time. I need to let go , and let it flow! Usually once I sit down to create it all just happens. So here they are!

Week 3- Spice of Life.......How do I need to spice up my life. Why the heck did this one stump me so hard. .....but this is what I came up with.

Week 4-3 words that describe me....Easy enough...Yeah right! But I sure love this card. Don't we all just love CTMH stamps?

Week 5- What to say to my 18 yr old self.........Oh...I could write a book! Funny thing is DS came in and was looking at my cards and said...Mom, this card says If you want to be happy be 18. I had to look. Yes , well that is not what I meant it to say. It is just supposed to be the quote by Henry David Thoreau. "If you want to be happy, BE"..........Because we all know that being 18 is not exactly the highlight of your life. Well at least not for me. And yes, this is a pic of me when I was 18.

Week 6 - What is the junk in your life that you need to let go of? And you gotta use your junk mail to create the card. Okay......Loved this exercise. I mean I loved using the junk mail to create it.....Not the junk in my life!

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