Sunday, February 24, 2008

Give Me Feedback!!!!! AND Blog Challenge for the week!

Okay, I have a counter soooooooo I just know you are here reading. HaHa!!! Well here is to all of you that know me or getting to know me. Give me one word! One word you would use to describe me. I have seen this exercise floating around SS and the blog world. So give it to me! :) Who knows if I will be as creative as the rest of you guys and make a scrapbook page but hey its fun anyway right!!!!

Here is the Blog Challenge for this week. Yes it is Sunday. But this one was hard!
My Personal Goal
As women we all spend time putting others first, worrying about them, taking care of their needs, scheduling their lives with little time left over for ourselves. For this week's challenge: What is your most important personal goal for the year? What are you doing that is just for you? How are you trying to improve yourself?

Okay, I am sure you know the answer to this. Running. That is what I am doing for myself. It is something that no one else can do for me. It is a singular sport. Does that make sense? I have to set my goals, I have to run the miles, I have to do the work. I have been running for over a year now seriously. I have a 1/2 marathon in 9 weeks and in January 2009 I am going to do the Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix. I don't care if I am living there or not I am going. I want this. I want it so much I can taste it! I know that if I am going to have it,It has to be all about running this year. No slacking off. No excuses. Just me hitting the pavement or treadmill. Whatever. Because you know what? Its true. I have put things that are important to me aside for to long. I am tired of putting my life on hold , because it is not a good time. So aside from running I am going to do things that make me happy. I am going to find stability in my life no matter what. I am so tired of being in Limbo!!!

Okay.....Sorry. That about got carried away! But hey if you can not say it out loud, why not type it for all the world to read... Seriously...Seriously.

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shirley319 said...

One word - Intense (that's what I get from your blog, LOL!).

I haven't written my Goals post yet, but one of my goals for 08 is a 1/2 marathon as well.... I just need to find one to run (Nashville is a little too far for me - I looked it up!). Happy running!