Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Its the Chinese New Year so I had Chinese for lunch. Beth and I and Zanna ate, and it was good. I had an even better fortune in my fortune cookie! More like a statement cookie but still good. I am not telling cause this one needs to come true! HaHa....Speaking of coming true. I found this and I love it.

post your secret or wish :)

ExampleLike "I wish I could get to know that girl at the rec center"I W I C G T K T G A T R C
Or "I want pudding"I W P.
Repost your wish for the title.Within 5 minutes and the wish will come true.

p.s. don't tell anyone or your wish wont happen

So here goes mine!!!!!!

I W I C H H F G!!!

Got it? Come up with your own!!!!

Also good news! Ryley went back to school today, and he was picked to be the escort for the class Homecoming Representative. Its the same girl that he was class favorite with last year. So I am so excited to dress him all up and get pictures!!!!! Of course I will post when this happens. It is next weekend!

Other news....I am waiting to hear if my puppy is born....This week. I can't wait to see! This weekend should be busy. I hope to take in a movie with Beth and Jess(who should be back from the honeymoon) and it is Stacey's birthday Party out Saturday Night. Kind of excited to go out and party with the girls!

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