Sunday, February 17, 2008

So I managed to get something done today!

Well it was a lazy, rainy Sunday! So of course rock climbing was out, which was fine since I really needed to recoup and I totally did not go to the bridal shower. I was just not up to it. It was good just to spend the day at home relaxing. I cleaned the kids room(and I mean cleaned!). I also worked on my jewelry swaps. All sets but 1, that are due in March are done. I only have 8 more of the 1 set left. I ended up changing my prototype for the 2nd spring group. The green rock was not working for me. I also came up with prototypes for the other 3 groups. I have them all individually bagged and ready to be worked on. I figure I can knock them out this week. I will add pictures , because I am really happy with the turn out!

1. New spring charm
2.Shades of Green charm
3. Shades of Blue charm
4. Shades of Black charm

I am so excited because I registered for the Nashville Country Music 1/2 Marathon. I have exactly 10 weeks! I am all ready with my training schedule. A little nervous but I am glad I just went ahead and did it. I know that it will push me to work that much harder. Motivation!!!! Now darn it all if the gym is not closed tommorrow. Oh well , I will be doing a wet trail run. I got to get going in the morning too because I know I will never do it if I don't in the morning. So here is my quote for the day..........Since I am thinking of running.
"Some running is good, more is better, and too much is just enough" "The only way to define your limits is to go beyond them"
As for tommorrow everything is closed and the kids are out of school. I thought I might go to Chattanooga but I don't think so. I got a bug tonight and bought paint for the hutch. I have been meaning to paint that thing since I moved in. So I hope to knock it out tommorrow.....after I run! Do you think the kids will leave me alone long enough to not get finger prints in it? Ha!

Here is a myspace funny: Go to google. Put your name and the word "needs". Like Bry needs......This is what I got:
1st Werewolves, 2nd Vampires

Why is this so funny? And why did I feel the need to share?

Well if you are an Anita Blake fan such as yours truly, the coincidence that these both popped up is quite funny. I am a huge Anita Blake fan. I do not need Werewolves though.....Richard is so not my favorite character. But since Werewolves popped up firstl.......I choose Jason. But Jean-Claude is. And yes he is a Vampire. Now if you are confused....simply get the books , there are at least 14 out there. AND READ! ENJOY! Of course I will settle for the good Mick St. John anytime when talking about vampires. So anyway, I love the results I got! Go google yourself and your needs and tell me what you come up with! Ah the things we find to do to amuse ourselves online!

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