Thursday, March 06, 2008

Who gets up this early?

Its early.......I have been up since way to early am. I woke up when K slipped into my bed ...4:57am. Head has been spinning ever since. I can not stand when that happens. Which seems to be the MO lately. I sleep, dream , wake up and can not stop thinking. What am I doing today, I gotta run today.......3 miles today, the monkeys will be waking up soon, what the heck are they wearing to school, gotta mail this, got to go here, there and then what, I need to do this, that , and oh yeah, when is Chris coming home.............Ahhhh, Get out of my head! Why does no one tell you life gets so crazy right before a soldier comes home? And why can't I find excitement in it? It is supposed to be an exciting time right? Then why are me and the kids so...Blah! I hate feeling tense, stressed and crazy! See and thats why I gotta go run....Not just because its on the schedule.....but Why! Read the headliner, "because it clears my head and then I can go on"

Oh and for your entertainment, Here is a survey. Because thats what you do while drinking coffee and the Webkinz website does not seem to work this early either............What do they not think adults play?

1. Are you younger than 29? Yes, for a few more months
2. Ever kissed anyone with a name starting with J? I am sure I have, but no names come to mind
3. How many swim suits do you own? Maybe 3
4. Do you like the color green?Blue is better , but green is okay
5. What things would you NOT tolerate in a relationship? Hatefulness to each other, not being able to be myself, Trying to Change to please the other, laziness,(I could keep going)
6. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? nope , lasik is a wonderful thing
7. When in your life have you been the happiest? Hmm, There should be a good answer for this.
8.Ever eaten soap? Is this really a quetstion?
9. What are you listening to right now?Silence
10. Is there a place you would like to visit soon? The beach would be nice
11. What's your favorite kind of drug? Love.......Snort! Well you asked a stupid question you get a stupid answer
12. Which would you rather be a pirate or a ninja? Who comes up with this stuff.....I guess I choose a pirate......Grrrrrrrrr
13. Have you ever fallen into a mud puddle? I don't think so, but I am up for anything
14. Do you like winter? There are great things about winter, Icicles, snow, crisp air, Christmas......But I am summer girl all the way! Less clothes, tan bodies, trips to the beach....
15. Does your screen name have numbers in it?no
16. Are you in a band?nope
17. Do you like parties? Depends, not kid parties so much
18. How long have you had your myspace for? Since 06 , I think
19. If you could own a monkey, would you? Uh NO
20. Do you own anything from American Eagle? A certain sweater comes to mind........No not at the moment
21. Do you listen to rap/hip-hop?yes, and so are you right now, if you have the speakers up
.22. What's the last thing you put in your mouth? UH...........just kidding.....Coffee
23. What was your first AIM name? ?????
24. Do you like fruit? Some yes, but I do not eat a bunch
25. Do you have a Nextel phone? no, just Tmobile, thats torture enough!
26. Have you ever given a random person your number? Yep
.28. Whats your favorite number and why? 25..... My birthday

WHERE IS 29!!!!

30. Would you make a good parenT? Not sure.......We will see what they think in another 10 years
31. Whats the last text in your phone inbox say?I will be there is a few
32. Do you have an addiction? Uh yes, Yes would be the answer.......I wish I could have it NOW
33. What's your favorite cuss word?WTF?
34. Do you like cops? Doesnt everyone like cops?
35. Have you ever flashed someone? Absolutely
36. Do you talk a lot? I think so
37. Do you get bored easily? Not really, just more restless, but it definetly not boredom
38. How many pillows do you sleep with?several
39. Do you like Smores?Sure
40. Do you like hugs and kisses? Yes, who doesnt
41. Do you act gangster?Negative Seriously....Who makes up these questions
45. When was the last time you went out of state? Before Christmas
46. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?no
47. What was the last thing you had to drink? Coffee

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