Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I know you have been missing me!

And since I am in rare form today(or so I have been told, it must be the pig tails!) Here is a survey! But first let me post a pic I took at the mall yesterday. I am thinking of getting some letters like this for my place. What do you think? And do you think that Dillards is trying to send its patrons a message? We hear you!!!! So yes I went to the mall yesterday with 4 kids, Beth, and Jess.......I am still asking myself why? I feel the need everynow and then to remind myself how insane this can be. It only happens about twice a year. But it is a good reminder none the less. We all go out. Carts, drinks, popcorn, diaper bags, sippy cups, binkys, blankets, snacks, diapers, shall I go on? We take our kids out into the mall or Target? All the moms attempt to get some shopping down. Never really happens. Yesterday we started at Target. 30 minutes into the adventure the kids are screaming, moms are crying and I want to lose it! But before I can lose it , apparently a Target employee lost it for us. She thought she was talking to herself. She thought no one heard her. She thought wrong. Beth just happened to be behind the T employee, when she says"Good Grief, I wish they would shut up!" Snort! They being us and our screaming kids. Honestly , I do not know what all the complaining was about, we were not being that loud! A 1-two year old in full wail, 2- 4 year olds playing ring around the roses and hurdling themselves in the floor, a 7 year old begging his mom to leave......I mean there is no need to get all huffy! Well Beth proceeds to tell us all what happened, Jess proceeds to call the manager, and I proceed to take my children and walk away(Did I mention I am non confrontational?)This only proceeds to cause more wailing mostly from my kids because we are leaving their friends. So I bribe them (like every good mom should) and we meet up after all has settled down.....Ready to check out! We check out , load up, make it across the parking lot to Chik fil le (how do you spell that?) and collaspe around chicken nuggets and fries. I was good, I ate a salad.....I refuse to count the calories from my daughters fries(can't let those go to waste!). Then with our bellys full and the thoughts of the last hour have left us, we proceed to go to the mall for more torture. What did we need here? I can't remember. But we did get to see the Easter Bunny. My kids hid behind me(thats the usual MO), Z got a sucker , and E actually got up in his lap and took a pic. Brave girl. Bunny kinda scared me. To skinny..... Anyway we made it to several stores successfully , then saw the Bow guy. Thats what I choose to call him. He is at the mall twice a year. You must get your bows from the bow guy, they are the best! Every little girl needs 40 dollars worth of bows from the Bow guy! We finally decided to let the kiddos play at the play area while we took turns doing other shopping. This is where my picture of the decorative :) wall letters come in. What can I say, I am easily amused. 4 worn out kids , a small nose bleed, 3 milkshakes(because it brings all the boys to the yard), and two Camel Mocha Venti Frappachinos (with a extra shot of caffeine) later, We were back in the car! And on our way home. 2 kids passed out , the other 2 played gameboy. It was good. Maybe in another 6 months I will take inventory again and decide I need some more crazy, but as for now we are all stocked up here!
Any who, on to other business. Running. Saturday, I successfully beat myself up doing 6 miles. IN THE SNOW! I mean it was actively hitting my face. There again I need to add that this was before the shopping trip and the inventory in crazy was running low. I felt I needed a challenge. Cause 6 miles is not challenge enough. I spent the rest of the weekend on the couch with extra pillows, ibuprofen and ice packets. I am definetly feeling better now and that serious injury I was convinced I had has faded away to just tight muscles. Oh well, I can always try again on Saturday when I convince myself I can do 8 miles. Actually the truth is I can do it.....I really understand what it means to be mentally ready.......Just like I will mentally be ready to do 5 in the morning..........
Other news. Baseball season is starting for R. Yeah! I felt like I did not have enough to do, so I would add us another activity to the week......But truthfully I am excited for him. He will actually play on a team with less than 20 players and compete against more than 1 other team. There is a whole story here but I will spare you. Anyway....It will be good. And I can only hope that he gets on the same team with a kid named Rue, We had soccer with this kid.....REally its for my entertainment. Its not the kids fault. It was his dad. Every game, on the sidelines, screaming and turning purple "Get the ball Rue!, Get the ball!" It took me a full 8 games before I understood what was being said. I swear by the end of soccer season it was a family event to see how many times "Get the ball Rue" was said. I catch myself even today saying it. So maybe if we are really lucky will get to be teamates again and, Instead it will be "Hit the ball Rue, Hit the ball"!! Thats just good entertainment right there(did you hear my southern accent just now?)
Anyway, I said all that to post this......just another survey
1. List one fact about the last person you kissed. She was very short, with curly blonde hair
2. What was your first thought when you looked in the mirror this morning? Could those dark circles get any worse?
3. Do you believe there's always room in your heart for your first love? umm, hmmm, Once you have loved , there is always a small part there
4. Have you ever worn the opposite sexs underwear?boxers, yes
5. Where is the next place you will travel to? Italy in November
6. Do you want to get married & have kids one day?sure....wait already did that
7. Do you curse a lot? Hell no
8. Have you ever kissed in a pool? absolutely and thats not all
9. Do you have long hair or short hair? longish
10. Do you like ice cream? Yes, have you tried the birthday cake ice cream?
11. Whats your favorite color? blue
12. What does the last text in your inbox say? c u at gym in the morning
13. Are you open about your sex life? very open to sex in my life....what was the question
14. Have you ever lied to protect someone's feelings?what a tangled web we weave
Seriously 15 and 16....just gone
17. Favorite magazine? Don't really read any
18. What are you wearing right now?sports bra, running shorts
19 and 20 , 21---who learned how to count?
22. Is there anybody that knows your deepest, darkest secret?Yep
23. Could you?would you in a train? could you would you in the rain? Train , rain, woods, beach, car, truck, what was the question again?
24. Who taught you to tie your shoes? uh?
25. Do you usually sing while showering? Not usually
26. What's the last thing that really grossed you out? I am not sure
27. What is the age of the oldest person you would date right now? If I were dating , I would say that 40 has to be my limit
28. Do you stick up for what you believe in? I try to, but I don't shove my opinions and feelings in other people's faces either.
29. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now? hmm
30. If you could go back in time would you? nah, you can't live in the past
31. Do you use your middle finger often?Everyday, but we need to be more specific with this question
32. Are you a really understanding person? I try to be
33? Hello?
34. How many people have you kissed in your entire life? oh thousands
35. Do you know anyone addicted to drugs? sure, prescription or otherwise

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