Friday, January 30, 2009

Competition Season is here!

Here is my crazy calendar for the next few months. Competitions Everywhere! Ryley is on the FPSPA Cheerleading Squad and they have competitions through February and my Winterguard has competitions through March. So we are going to totally be busy. I can't wait!

January 31
Knoxville Cheer Competition

Feb 7 2009
Oak Grove Winterguard Competition
Feb 8 2009
Birmingham Cheer Competition

Feb 20 2009
Orange Beach Cheer Competition Feb. 20-21

Feb 28 2009
Independence Winterguard Competition

Mar 7 2009
Berry College 1/2 Marathon (Yes, because my life is not busy enough, I am training for a 13.1.

Mar 14 2009
Hoover Winterguard Competition

Mar 21 2009
Can you say TWILIGHT! (I just had to add this in. I can not wait for it to come out on DVD)

Mar 26 2009
Skyline Retreat! (Totally bummed I will not get to stay for the entire retreat! I would love to sit and scrapbook! But I do plan on getting all packed for my Nasville trip and heading up to do some cropping an see some friends)

Mar 27-28
Winterguard Competition in Nashville 27th-28th

Apr 30-May 3
NYC Band Trip! (I hesitated on going to on the trip because of life being so hectic, but what the hay, I am going and it will be great. I have never been and I want to see it. No kids, no hubby,! Can't wait!

I am tired just looking at it all! But very happy!

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