Sunday, February 01, 2009

Knoxville Cheer Competition- Soffee Open

FPSPA Cheer Stars did such a awesome job yesterday!!! I am so proud of my boy! There were two boys in the entire show. Rye and the kid who was about 18 and fabulous! He was out of this world. He did such a great thing for my son though. He came up shook his hand and said what a great job Rye did! I was so proud and I think it made Rye so happy! We had such a great day. The drive was good and the competition went by fast. Some great groups there! Our kids did such a great job competing against some huge groups! They stuck every move and looked wonderful. Still they got 3rd place, but they only came in 2 points behind the group in front of them. Plus they got a bid to nationals which is a great compliment! I am so glad Rye is having a great time. He is such a great little athlete.

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