Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Results from Competition this weekend!

My winterguard group went to Oak Grove, Birminham for competition. It was just a crazy unorganized competition, but they did well! We personally thought it was a good performance. So did the judges apparently. We got 1st place in Novice class, plus a bump up to Scolastic B class. A little more competition in this class for sure! This was our ultimate goal for the year, but when it did not happen at Field Day we thought for sure it wouldnt. Very happy for them!

Here is some cool photos I took of the warmups! It was a beautiful warm day!!!!

Unfortunately Cheerleading did not go so well but on a positive note we saw what was out there. There are some major competitors out there! We were in Birmingham on Sunday for that competition. The girls and my boy tried very hard. They did not give it their best and were not focused. Still I am proud of them mostly for getting out there being the serious underdogs. I came away from that competition wondering what we could do different. Our studio needs some help in just the terms of space. A better place to practice. We also need to get pumped up. The parents and the kids. We also need to find a way for the kids to understands this in Competition. They need to have fun but also get focused. I believe I will face the same challenges with my upcoming competition dance group. I already have this challenge with Winterguard.

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Congratulations, Bry!!