Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quiet around here this week

At least on my blog. Its been really busy. We leave tommorrow for Orange Beach at 7:30 am. I am not packed, my house is a mess, I have to take the dog to the kennel , and it looks like my day will be full! I am working out this morning because I have too! Next I have Chorus rehersal today. The HS Chorus is singing tonight at the Theatre, its their annual Sweet Singing performance. I have been working hard all week with them adding choreography into their songs. One week was definetly not enough time to do this in. I am invited to come back in April/May and I hope to have more time. This is very rewarding work though and I love it. Ms. Melissa should be back to her clogging classes tonight so I can go and help out with the show. Yes, Dynamic Edition was kicked off ABDC last week but they had such a good run and I know they are proud of their accomplishments! Good job guys! Melissa I missed you!!!! So did your students! Any way , that is my day and somewhere I need to teach my Ballet class get my house in shape and pack! The reward is sweet though. The weekend at the beach! Dinner and drinks at Florabama Friday night with friends. Cheerleaders going crazy on Saturday. I think we may stay a extra night. RElax on the way back Sunday. Maybe take a detour to see my friend Ky.........especially if she has the baby this weekend!!! Girl take care. Love you!

Anyway, thats it for now. I am working on another post about Italy, but each day is like a novel. So I will get that done and post it soon. As months go by the memories slowly filter out of my head so I have to get this done. I have been going through my ticket/paper stash from the trip to refresh!


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Beth said...

SO JEALOUS! I haven't been to the Gulf since right before Katrina hit (we left on Thursday before she hit on Sunday...) I want to go back SO badly, but it's kind of a looooooong drive from South Carolina. Have a blast, and bring me back a baggie full of gorgeous white sand!