Friday, March 13, 2009

March 12 of 12 Challenge

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March 12 of 12 and its only the 13th! Yesterday I toted my cannon around to get my 12 pics. It was not that hard considering its been picture week at the dance studio. We have been doing hair, makeup, and costumes since Monday. I am exhausted but think that they turned out great! I can not wait to see my kids pics!

So here are the labels for my 12 of 12. Click to see bigger!

left to right, top to bottom

1. Ryley, Dentist apt. No cavities! Yeah!

2. Love these trees. They are blooming everywhere. Definetly a sign of Spring. Come on warm weather!

3. K in her St. Patricks Day hat. They celebrated early at school because of Spring Break being next week.

4. Sonic drive thru for drinks! Got to have it!

5. The newest memeber to our Webkin family. Meet Buscuit the Sea Horse. K picked him out. OUr account was about to expire and we just can't be having that!

6. Me and K waiting on our strawberry-banana smoothies!

7. K in her beautiful ballet costume. I was so happy how these turned out. I was not sure when I picked them for all my little girls. But they are Simple and Beautiful!

8. K and Z , doing their thing on the beam waiting for pics! This is their baton outfit and turned out to be one of my favorites!

9. Baton girls

10. FPSPA Staff kids! They look so great!

11. Jimmy simply being Jimmy.

12. Desert last night was DQ. Ryley goofing off with his snickers blizzard!


Karen said...

Awesome pics for the 12 x 12! Your kids are beautiful! TFS!

shirley said...

So much fun! Great pictures and you had a great day!