Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moving.....Yuck....and my usual ramblings

My blessed internet time has been cut drastically due to this move. No service yet at the new place. Excuse me, the temporary new place. I hate moving. We have done it way to much. In twelve years, 15 moves. Seriously. That makes about 50 something since I was born. So done. I need stability. I need to settle down. We are in the beginning procedures for house buying, it just takes time. Like everything else. Buying a house seems like a big thing now. Probably because we have never stayed anywhere long enough to actually do it. Ahhh, Commitment! And being at a place temporarily right now is driving me a little mad. I hate living out of boxes and such. Life things all in storage. I am glad that I have become a minimalist! Well except for shoes, a girl has to have shoes and clothes. Sheesh. Everything else is secondary. No years of nic nacs and collectibles here. There is that snowglobe collection that DH seriously decided to grow to inmeasurable lengths one year. Gah! There are days I dream of having a snowglobe smashing party. "God love em!" So the packing has gone fast, in fact its quite finished with the exception of the kitchen and out back storage building. DH can handle that this weekend, because I am leaving for Nashville Friday. Yeah Nationals. So excited, nervous, and happy! Very happy to have this Winterguard season come to an end and the snotty attitude of teenagers. Whoops! sorry should not have said that. Its okay , I tell them to their face that they have bad attitudes. I did to when I was their age. Speaking of age. I am booking a trip to Vegas baby for my 30th Birthday this summer. No boys allowed! I can not wait to let the East side meet the West side. Meaning I am hoping to bring friends from here and there together to celebrate! I love, MISS Vegas! Casinos, shows, Margaritaville, friends, and maybe a run in with Elvis! Love it! August , come on........!

Lets see what else.....nope nothing. Gotta run.....Literally!

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