Monday, March 30, 2009

Walking away with a medal

We took bronze medal at Nationals this weekend. We performed Friday night in Nashville, at Vanderbuilt. Great performance(a little nervous), but they pulled it out! Awards ceremony started and I could barely stand still. We had 13 in our class. Every number from 13 down was excrutiating to listen too. 4th place was called and we new we were top 3! More than we ever expected in our first year. Amy and I walked to the stage and greeted our team. Bronze was announced and it was us! We gave each memeber medals and hugs. It was so exciting! We also were awarded Scholastic B State Champions. Which means were were the highest scoring Alabama team in our class! Which is Awesome! I was nervous about my Body score from the judge. This is the judge who gave me last place on the first performance. She said I had wrote a show that was above my students heads. Basically she said it was too hard. Well she came back at Nationals, gave my first place and said that we had turned it all around. She basically said she could not believe we were the same team and she was so impressed. For me this was a big deal! So this year we are so pleased to walk away with great results. Amy and I already have plans for next year! I have pics I will post later. I left my camera at the house and I am down at the old house. We are still finishing bits and pieces of the move. Almost done. Its a crazy week, Danceline clinics this week! Tryouts Friday. So on to the next!

Found this on youtube. No I did not post it, but yes it is us at Nationals. Enjoy!

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