Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday in Revue....

I did not mean to dread it. Really I didn't. Started the day off fine, except for the stalker phone caller. Quit calling my phone! You must have the wrong number! Missing my (602). I went on to have a excellent workout. Love having someone new to train for running! Although I am missing my running buddy! The best thing about working with someone though is how it re-teaches me! Running is so therapeutic(spell check?). I love when people "get" that. I love to get in that euphoric state........Anyway, back to Friday. I was able to get most of the old house clean, get some lunch , run some errands, and back up the mountain just in time to take a shower before danceline tryouts. (read this as, I was keeping myself very busy in anticipation for tryouts) Why dread them, this should be fun. Not my tryouts though. I guess I was just so worried about some of the newbies, some of the returners, and definetly the final result. With hopes to cut the line down from 19 to 14, I was a little worried. In the end it was 16. 12 returners, 2 from winterguard, and 2 brand new ones. I think(hope) it will be a very productive team. I hope for a good, winning year ahead. I am just to darn competitive! Last year spoiled me. We were award winning all around. 2 Best in classes! Not to mention my Winterguard having 2 firsts and 3rd at Nationals. I want it all baby! I have major plans for this next year though. Starting with whipping them into shape. We are going to start of with increasing stamina. I am going to have them doing stadiums! I am not kidding. We are going to have a "coming to jesus". Some of these girls have not worked out since last Fall and they want colleges to look at them? They are going to have to bring it! I have some other discipline ideas in mind as well. Can't wait to get started.
Enough about all that. I spent the evening with the kids and Misti. We ate at Pizza Hut and took the kids skating. I can promise there is nothing that will make you feel older than lacing up a pair of skates. I can remember breezing around the rink front, side, and backwards as a child. When did that ability disappear? The kids did great though. After K pulled me around and knocked me down a few times, she decided to do it on her own. Thank goodness. I loved watching Rye though. He had a few friends there and they all had fun skating or falling down. His girlfriend was there too, or so I was informed (insert googly eyes). Are you kidding me, its second grade! No, not happening for another few years. They were pretty cute rolling around the rink though. He even introduced her, Props son! So my thats my Friday in Revue! I am off to a much needed baseball practice(after all the rain cancellations). Afterwards I will clean the old house some more and head out to do stadiums with Misti and the kids. DH is still out of town for drill. So I am enjoying this laid back weekend!

Pics from skating

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