Friday, April 10, 2009

I have looked forward to Friday all week!

Its been a fast week. I should not complain. Wednesday and Thursday were hard. I will never take on Preschoolers again. I have mentioned before that it is not my forte to ever teach preschoolers. LOVE mine! Not others! Wow,that class was CRAZY. Often I thought to myself.........Why? Why did I do this? Okay, well it was a learning experience, and I learned to just say NO! I love to sub. in the schools, I just know what I am good at and what I am not. I praise preschools teachers out there. You have a very hard job! APPLAUSE! Anyway enough of that. Lesson learned. I will stick with my High Schoolers. Which by the way I got to see last night. We had a band fundraiser last night "Becky's Big Band Burger Bash"! It was fun! All the middle and high school bands performend and then the Winterguard. I was a little sad knowing it was the last time we would get to see them perform "Like the Sun". It was so great for the community to get to see the group though. Most people do not even know what Winterguard is, let alone that FP has one! So many people came up to us and told us what a great job we had done. People were really impressed. Its so awesome to think what this program will be in a few years! Winterguard has been so great that is hard to get my head out of it now. I have to shift my focus to football season and training dancelines. I did meet the director from a county school and he wants me to come out and work with his danceline. So excited about the job opportunities that keep opening up. I can not wait to work with Amy and frontline camps this summer. Classes will be very light at the studio and I will be able to really focus. This week will be completely crazy with the Twinklestars/Cheerstars Clinic. Time to shift my focus there. DH will be out of town and I have some meeting stuff going on at Rye's school. I am looking forward to the school year to end and the recital to be over with. Alot of work before then though. Sorry, rambled enough! Here are some pics from last night.




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