Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday's Grey

"I don't care if monday's blue

Tuesday's grey and wednesday too

Thursday i don't care about you

It's friday i'm in love"

Just love the Cure. Don't you? Anyway that song is in my head. Woke up to snow today. Can not believe it is April. April the 7th actually. Happy Birthday Dad! I know you read here(keeping tabs on your daughter!). Hope you have a great day and maybe the weather is better wherever you are. (California?) Wish I was there. So sick of the cold. I am really hoping this is the last bit of cold we get this year. Here are some pics of the snow.

I should definetly say that Monday was CUBS BLUE! First game on the season, Check! I loved crawling up in the big chair with a blanket(its cold on the mountain) and watching my boys play. I missed you. How I have waited all Fall and Winter for you. Another season another dream, wish and desire for a good year and hopefully a longer postseason. I not to sound too much like a cliche, "we are due!" Ah , Yes, and see you boys in Chi-town, this summer. I can't wait to see Wrigley with my kids!

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