Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sensational Saturday!

We had a crazy, awesome, busy Saturday! Started the day off right with Pancakes! Love pancake day. It reminds me of my childhood. I can remember going to pancake day in Decatur and even working it when I was in high school. So I totally love taking my kids to it now. Of course I get to see alot of friends and students. The girls had to come up and tell my all about guard tryouts and sell me tickets to the Senior play. Looks like we will be seeing The Little Mermaid, Miss Saigon, and a minor league baseball game in Montgomery all next weekend! Can't wait! Anyway , back to this weekend. FPSPA was performing at pancake day. So I ate and got my music and students ready. Not that many showed up but the ones that did, did so well! Very proud of them. Although, I think I will call some extra practices before the recital!!

Rye and DH had already headed over to the ball fields for Opening Day of Baseball. I finished up performances, listened to the band for just a bit then left to watch Rye's game. It was a gorgeous day and the boys looked like they were having alot of fun! Rye had a few good hits but in the end that were taken at 7 to 4!

Next we were off to the studio for Twinklestars/Cheerstars Tryouts. I was a little nervous mostly because I had no idea what the turn out would be. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about, it was great! 12 total turned out and a few that could not make it! That is fabulous! I talked to parents about all that was involved with being on a competitive dance team and then I danced some with the kids. A very successful day! Cheerstars went well too. Lots of new faces! Rye is so excited to be starting from the beginning. He thinks he is big stuff. And like only a 8 year old can say " Mom, its where the girls are!" I do worry how he is going to choose. Soccer season will come and he will be wanting that. Well I will cross that bridge later.

So with all our obligations finished for the day. We headed to Chattanooga for a night of fun. Its no secret that I am a baseball fanatic! Minor league baseball is so much fun, not as much as the majors but I still love sitting in a ball park, eating hotdogs and explaining all aspects of the game to my kids. I love it when the ask Why? DH always laughs at my craziness for baseball. He never lets me live down the fact that I about made a player cry before at Spring Training game in AZ. I refuse to remember this incident. I mean its not my fault if he could not catch! :) Well last night was a fun game. Lots of homeruns, which was pretty cool. Lookouts lost miserably 10-5, but be proud I did not yell at anyone! If fact I sat back and just enjoyed it! The kids are looking forward to next weekends game in Montgomery. Thats who we were watching last night. The Montgomery Biscuits. So we will go see them in their home park with family on Sat. Of course I will have to take some of the one liners with me. I heard some "doozies" last night in the park.

Here are the top 3 one liners I heard from fans last night!

1. Those biscuits sure do have some butter on them don't they!
2. Lets see if the Biscuits can "rise" to the occasion!
3. I have seen better pitchers in a bar!

We had some real characters sitting around us, Dh and I were rolling!

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