Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen is supposed to be thirteen reasons why you loved your wedding. Uh.....well thats just not going to work for me. Did not have one. Can't count the sidewalk in Brandon, FL with no witnesses. Question......If there is no witnesses, did it ever really happen? Hmmmm.... If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around, does it make a sound? Okay, just kidding. I got a paper around here somewhere that probably proves its legit. Moving on. So my brain is ready to switch gears and go to NYC! So my thirteen today is......Thirteen things I will get to do while there(Since our trip is so well planned).

1. First...enjoy the fact that I am going alone, No kids, No DH! Ahhhhhh, just 150 kids that are not mine.....Well thats the downside.
2. Hail a taxi to The City.
3. See the Statue of Liberty
4. View the city from the top of Rockefeller Center
5. Sleep in New Jersey
6. See the Museum of Natural History
7. Roam around Central Park
8. See The Little Mermaid on Broadway
9. See the lights of the city at night in Times Square and do a kickline with my girls there!
10. Go to Radio City Music Hall
11. See the stores on Fifth Avenue(because I can't afford to actually shop there)
12. Buy a I heart NY shirt (have too!)
13. See just enough of everything to want come back!!!

I can not wait! This is going to be an amazing trip!


My expressions LIVE said...

I hope to go to NYC someday, Have fun!

fullbodytransplant said...

You are so lucky.

Being in New York, then knowing you live in Florida?


Alice Audrey said...

150 kids that are not mine would have me nervous.

Deena said...

Sounds like you have an awesome trip planned! You're going to take lots of pictures, right? :)

Jen said...

I love playing tourist, doing all the cheesy touristy things! You're going to have a great time!

Kim said...

Ohh, I so want to go to NYC!!!

But I never want to take children there...mine or someone elses - too afraid of losing them in such a BIG place. lol

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