Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Have you hugged a tree today?

So, I was outside taking some "earthy" pictures. Found a easter egg. Told ya we missed a few. This one was pretty easy too. I am really hoping the sun comes through today and it warms up. I can take a long walk with the kids! Celebrate earth day a little, make them hug a tree. I need a nice relaxing day. I have alot on my plate right now and I need to stay focused. Not overwhelmed....focused! Yesterday was stressful but brought some good things as well. A little clarity. A little. I came home after a long productive day of classes, got comfy in the big chair, and promptly fell asleep in the 4th inning of the Cubs game. Sad, I know. I did not fall asleep though before I saw the cat run onto the field. Actually it very funny. It was not black so can not read to much into it. Someone ran after it , picked it up, only to get clawed to death, dropped it, picked it up again by its tail, then threw it into the stands. Hilarious, all though I am sure the animal rights people will be contacting Wrigley soon on the poor treatment of the little terror. Next up, a CIN player hits a shot down the left side, Soriano takes off to leap and catch, the ball was caught in the same foul place as a certain ball was caught a few years ago. I am not mentioning any names. Bartman. I thought I saw Alou there for a minute get pissed off and throw his glove down. Actually I really wish he was still there, miss him, but I am a fan of Soriano. Ahhhhhh.......a night for Omens. Well no, because that is all hogwash! Its our year. Sorry, but it is. So hang in there boys, don't let a cat and a misplaced foul ball go to your head. Laugh and go on. Looks like you did at 7-2. Not that I watched.....I fell asleep.

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