Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am always on the lookout for the kids to do fun things at home. In their own yard! Kids work is Play and I don't think they have to leave home to get it! We do sprinklers, slip and slides, water on the trampoline, etc. But I love finding them something "new" to do. Water balloons were their choice this week. They are having a blast with them. My fingers hurt a bit for tying them all. We have this ball with a timer on it. They throw it back and forth (like hot potatoe) it pops the balloon when the timer goes off. This concept is not really working much because K does not catch so well and everytime it drops hard the balloon busts anyway. So they are just tossing the balloons back and forth and jumping with them on the trampoline. Its actually very entertaining. K is very concerned about the busted pieces though. She carefully picks each one up after it bursts and puts it in the trash. Funny girl. I guess she is right she is trying to keep them from Mac. Mac is definetly trying to eat them. But he absolutely loves the water. He tries to get wet more than the kids.

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Chris said...

this looks like lots of fun!