Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shrooms, berries, and birds...........Ahhhhh Summer

I absolutely love Summer, as I mentioned in the T-13 post. I love being outside and exploring everything with my kids. I like getting hot and dirty in the yard(get your head out of the gutter) and then running through the sprinkler to cool off. I love feeling exhausted at the end of the day from excersise and sun. We made some pretty cool discoveries yesterday.

Shrooms fascinate me. I am not sure why. They pop up where ever. There has been a plethora of them lately. Some me and Mac went exploring. The kids were less excited about these.

Here are some of the ones today in the yard.

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Now this is the mother of all shrooms. Its huge! Found it while mowing. I had to place something beside it to show true size. That is a regular size kitchen bowl!

This one was near the cow pasture. Now I know what some of you are thinking and I did not cut it up and make koolaide. Wrong kind! Not that I have ever done that! ah hem.

The kids have also been checking out the berries. Strawberries line the front porch and I can often find them collecting and eating them. The dog too!

We have had so much rain that everything is in abundance. Its very green and lush out. I have been keeping an eye on the blueberries. Uncle Ross's bushes are huge but Dad's are getting bigger every year. I am ecstatic that there is one bush taller than me! And the blue "babies" are covering the limbs. We are going to have a huge amazing crop! Which of course is all Rye eats during the summer!

Here is Mac -a- roni. He is loving mountain living. I am loving him loving the mountain living. He is so much calmer. He gets tons of exercise and never leaves the yard!

For the past few weeks I have been noticing this big nest sitting on top of a wreath my mom has by the front door. I never saw anything in it but could not bring myself to touch it. I did find this below it on the porch.

Today I saw some heads sticking out of the nest, mouths open!
We have 3 baby robins living in the nest. Momma bird watches me very carefully everyday. I promise not to touch your babies. Just let me turn it in to a learning experience for the kids. They loved them. I held them up high so they could look directly into the nest. They know not to touch them so that they do not get their smell on them. We watch mamma bird bring worms to them. Its a awesome thing to watch. Ryley went straight to the computer to identify the egg and birds. Everyday we check on them.

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