Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whirlwind tour of New York

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Flew to New Jersey
Got off plane, took train to "the city"
Walked too many blocks to count from Penn Station to deli that the kids were eating at.
Found the band
Grabbed food , got on bus, listened to silly tour guide
Got off bus in Central Park
Walked through Central park, thought about the Beatles, saw fountains, saw famous bridge. Check
Got back on bus
Drove back through Time Square....Look Mr. Harris there is Radio City.....
Dropped off silly tour guide
Drove to Circle Line Cruises
Got on boat, not before they made us all take pictures in front of ship
Sat on top deck of boat, cold, should have thought about that, but the view!
Cruised through seeing the Statue of Liberty, the skyline, and various other landmarks that are completely noteworthy.
Got off boat. Frozen. Got back on bus.
Went to "the Pier" , ate Chicago style pizza in NY. I know, I know......
Shopped at the pier until time to get back on bus.
Drove to Rockafella Center.
Top of the Rock......saw nothing. Fog.
Almost cried when Amy launched my camera across the room.
Back to the Bus.
Drove to New Jersey. Not me the bus driver drove.
Went to bed. Very late. Completely exhausted. Only 5 hours until breakfast.
Breakfast. Bus. Back to the City. Slept on the way.
Museum of Natural History.
Saw a show. saw another show. Almost slept through both.
Lunch. Free time at museum. Yeah. Saw Rexy. Saw Dum Dum, from a far far. Exhibit closed. What the?
Back to the bus. Drive to Time Square
Free time shopping around the square. Bought I heart NY shirts. Rain. Hmpf. Bought umbrella.
M&M store. Bought stuff for kids.
Meet at Mars 2112 restaurant. Theme restaurant. Not impressed.
Bus. Drive to Broadway show.
Amy and I hop off bus to get Cheesecake at Juniors(the best in NY)
Fretted over leaving it on the bus because the driver told me he would eat it. LOL
The Little Mermaid. Bought dinglehopper.
Fabulous show. "I love you Mermaid!"
Bus. New Jersey. No sleep again.
Breakfast. Bus. Staten Island.
Band Competition. We all slept. Wish I had a picture of us sitting in the audience sleeping.
Sat with Amy during our performance. Laughed until I cried. Seriously. We have the silliest kids in the world.
Band did great. Bus. New York.
Radio City Music Hall. Long tour. Picture with Rockette. I am the same height as her, she just had heels on!
Hot dog from vendor.
Free time in the city.
Hello Kitty store. Bought nothing. Still Hungry
Chipotle...Yum....Miss you Laura
Walk down 5th Ave. See all the famous spots. Saks, Tiffanys, The Plaza, etc.
F.A.O. Swartz. I have waited my whole life.
Met O.X. Fell in love. Bought him.
Could have stayed in store forever. Found the Piano.
Played piano like I was in BIG. Tom Hanks eat your heart out.
Left store sad. Can't wait to go back and take the kids.
Walked all the way back to Radio City, passing some very famous hotels.
Met up with the band. Left the city for the last time. Sad.
Drove to Jersey. Here again not me the driver. J. Who thought Mr. Hagler and Amy were my parents. Thanks J. You made my day.
Fell asleep aparently dropped O.X. the horror!
Medieval Times. Ever get the chance to do this. Pass.
Waited forever.
Sat down. Band won 1st place and Best overall. Nothing but the best!
Ate with hands. Watched show.
Bus. Got dropped off at hotel. Waved goodbye to all the students. Happy once again that I flew!
Slept. Shuttle to airport. Quick flight home. Thankful my car was intact. Word to the wise. Do not stay at Red Roof Inn Atlanta Airport. Scary.
Can't wait to go back!!!!!!!! Well with more sleep and only 2 kids.

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