Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

I had a fabulous long weekend! I feel so rested and rejuvenated! It started out Friday morning. I passed the kids on to DH and headed south! Chris took the kids to Andulusia this weekend. They pretty much cooked out and swam all weekend with family. They had a great time! I headed south to a little place called Sweetwater. I have not seen Ky in so long! And she had a baby! So I went to visit with her. We had a very relaxing time. Something I needed since I have not felt good lately. I even debated the race(Cotton Row) all weekend. After shots and antibiotics its still there. Ky and I sat around and talked all weekend just catching up. We ate 12lbs of Crawfish Friday night. Okay Miller helped some but it was mostly us! Crawfish and Beer! Yum! It looked like this!

Then with our bellys full we promptly fell asleep watching Trueblood. Nothing better. Saturday we took off shopping in Meridian. We spent about a hour trying on jeans at Buckle. A girls got to do what a girls got to do! We had plans to go out to Callahans so we rushed back to get ready. We had such a great night. Light crowd, good dancing, kinda sucky band! But it was great to just have girl time!

Sunday I really took my time leaving with all the storms everywhere. I have to admit I was really dreading leaving. I did not feel up for the race and just always hate to leave Ky's! That place is so good for the soul. I can not explain it. Its weird. But I had made promises. Promise to Juliet to run her first race with her and Misti to actually do another race! I also did not want to let myself down. Its that whole being hard on myself issue. Besides Cotton Row is my inaugural race. It was my very first race and this is the 3rd year for me. I got to the expo later than expected but it was great to walk in and see the smiles on my friends faces. My aunt and uncle were there too and it was great to see them. We registered and shopped then headed to the hotel. Shogun was the call for the night and chopsticks, sushi and saki were on the menu. That and a really bad cook who had the hots for Misti.

Next up dessert and beer at Hooters.

Why? Not sure. Because we were having a excellent girls night out and no one wanted it to end despite the race in the morning. So after we closed the restaurant down, we headed to the pool, which we promptly got kicked out of. Apparently not open for swimming yet according to the security guard. Although I did not brake the padlock, I don't care what anyone says! Water was cold anyway! *sticking my tongue out*

Race Day!! Up and at em! We got to the race, warmed up, peed and we were off! Juliet and I kept pace for about 3 miles. Misti was not to far ahead. After the Rocky mountain I took off. Its all down here from there and I was ready to fly. I sprinted the next few miles in and finished with 2 minutes shaved off of last year. 1:03:40. Hate documenting that but I will break it next year. There was alot of people this year. Conjestion was bad in the beginning. Awesome to see so many runners though! I know I could have done better but I wanted to stay with Juliet. Everyone needs a motivator! Maybe next year I will not be sick either! Again! Great race, Excellent atmosphere. Now I got the fever! Again!

I said goodbye to my friends and headed out to shop a little at the new mall in Madison. love it. Headed home. I guess I was stalling. I really was not ready to come back. Krysten and Ivan were at Little River Canyon so I met them over there and we hiked around a bit before heading back to the house to grill out.

It was so great to see the kids! K came running across the yard and jumped in my arms! Their weekend was great to , and they were anxious to tell me all about it. Ryley has a new obssesion with Weird AL Yankovich. Thanks. *shaking my head*

So we are back to reality this week. I am enjoying having no agenda! No school, no work, no schedules, nada.

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