Monday, June 22, 2009

Beach Season

There has not been much time for blogging lately. Or laundry for that matter. I have been wasting away in Margaritaville.....Well at least at the beach. I will start first with my trip to Panama City with the Lewis Clan. We had a excellent trip. The kids and I drove down and met them there. We had a lovely condo on the beach. Plans were to relax, swim, lay on the beach and thats about it. I so enjoyed some time with my good friends Kylene and Miller. We had a blast staying up after the kids had gone off to the beach. It was great to just sit back on the balcony listening to the waves crash enjoying some boat drinks. The first day out on the beach was a adventure........I am sure if she were here Ky would be laughing with me. We decided to take this big tent/canopy out to the beach before we brought the kiddos down. Well we carried this heavy thing down to the beach, got it out, attempted to put it up. We were pathetic. Miller sat up on the balcony and laughed his butt off at us! We were pouring in sweat by the end and swearing we would not do it again! Holy Cow what a pain in the ass it was. After it was all said and done though. Kylene and I spent a great day down at the beach with the kids.
We definetly baked a little too long though! Ouch! The next day we definetly did not attempt the tent but got rental chairs.
Much better. Thank you Miller! We spent some time at the pool and beach. That night we went out to Dirty Dicks Crab Shack. This place you always here about, was quite dissapointing. My food looked like this.....

Um no. I don't want my shrimp stabbed into a pineapple. I swear Ky and Miller laughed so hard. It was disturbing! Ryley managed to spill an entire glass of shark attack on him........

Well anyway , we can say we have been there and done that. If you want my opinion go somewhere else. Totally overpriced and unimpressive!

The next day was more of the same, some beach , some pool.
That night we went to Pineapple Willys. We were meeting up with some friends of Ky and Miller. We all met up, and started with drinks in the Pier Bar before going into the restaurant. This is a great place. The kids loved it and the adults too.

I can't wait to go back. We decided to finish up the night playing arcade games and riding go carts!

I have not done this is so long. I had a blast. We all did. It was such a great way to end our trip.

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