Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I love about trips to the Beach!

I am leaving in less than 24 hours. Oh how I need this trip. I need to get out of here. Away from this town and the people in it! Sorry, but true! Its just me and the kids meeting Kylene and family in Panama City! Next weekend , it is Misti and I in Gulf Shores!

I added some old pics too!

1. Long road trips.......I know this sounds weird but it is true.

2. The first look of ocean.

2. The smell of salt and surf

3. Toes sinking in wet sand

4. Long walks down the beach looking for "treasure"

5. Early morning runs or my kids finding me early in the morning outside.

6. Sitting on the beach watching the sun set

7. Making Sandcastles

8. Squalls out on the gulf stream

9. My kids footprints and markings in the sand

10. Swimming in the ocean, Going out as far as we dare, riding the surf in.

11. Seafood

12. Spending uninterupted time with my kids

13. Never wanting to leave. Talking about trips to come and beaches we want to explore. All the things we will do "Next Time". Feeling sun drenched, exhausted, calm, and centered. Like everything is right in the world. I have this in me and I believe me kids get it too.

So I will sum it with this......and a bit of help from J.B. Thank you sir!

I am leaving Manana, Heading Home. Excuse me , Just looking for the beach. One Particular Harbor if you will. The Coconut Telegraph has a "Out of Order" sign. I am Incommunicado. So If the Phone Doesn't Ring its Me. I can't be your hero today. The Weather is here and I wish you were Beautiful. My feet will be in the sand, with a Boat Drink in my hand. I will have my Barefoot Children too, we will Live it up with our toes in the sand, listening to the Jolly Mon Sing and Wonder Why we ever go home. I will be Changing Latitudes for a while, with hopes that is changes my Attitude. Maybe I have a few Coastal Confessions. We are Changing Channels for a bit, sipping the Barometer soup, eating Cheeseburgers in Paradise and half-baked cookies, watching out for those fruitcakes. All I got to say is there is a fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.... because the Wino and I know that Come Monday it will all be alright.

Fins to the Left,


My expressions LIVE said...

Great memories.....I couldn't agree more!

JO said...

I miss the beach! All we have around us are mountains!

Here's mine

Adelle Laudan said...

I'm so jealous. I just love watching the sun set over the ocean. Sigh. Have fun!
Happy T13!