Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fish Tales

The nieces are here for the weekend. Yeah, I have not seen them since November. Totally miss being around them more often. That is the worst thing about moving here from AZ. The kids have been playing nonstop. Jumping on the trampoline, slip and sliding, riding in the wagon while Rye pulls them with the tractor, and generally just running around the yard having a great time. We did take them fishing yesterday evening. Great time. But it is very hard for 3 adults to keep up with 4 kids and their poles. Of course I am no help because I refuse to touch a worm. So Chris and Dad's full time job was baiting hooks. Why? Because the kids were catching them that fast. We caught anywhere from 15-20 fish yesterday. It was crazy. Crazy Fun. Of course Chris killed one, it was a total accident. He took it off the hook , threw it back and it floated on top. I thought Rye was going to lose it. Tender heart that he is. About 5 minutes later the fish puffed up , jumped and went back to swimming. I am not kidding. He then died again, because I swear he was floating on top about 5 minutes later. Give it another few minutes, he puffed up , jumped, then swam away. This time for good. I swear. It was weird. We used up all the bait, quickly, and headed back.

We got back just and time to run over to Sunset Point and watch the sunset. The men(Dad and Chris) were preparing dinner, so I loaded them up to do something very boring. Or so I was informed. Children. That have not learned to embrace the Sunset factor.

Yep, I can see how a sunset like this is boring...........
So after that boring old sunset........we headed back to eat dinner, roast marshmallows, and play some flashlight tag.

The big kids had fun, the little ones were close to breaking point. It was so getting late and like 60 degrees out. Brrr.......Hello Fall...Not yet!

Then Lila totally reminded us that "Guys, its time to eat my birfday cake"! So Phoebe played happy bday on the piano, we sang, and Lila blew out her her imaginary candles. Because I forgot those.....of course in my defense Mom always has candles and I figured we had some! Oh well who cares. The imaginary ones went out just fine!

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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh what gorgeous pics! What a great auntie you are...loved this!!