Thursday, November 05, 2009

Here I am

Don't you love how I just started gracing you (the collective you) with my presence again. Lets completely skip right on past the last few months of crazy that I have had. So here on to the house cleaning........

1. Divorce- Final as of October 22nd
2. Anyone in my life- yeah, definetly. Maybe a few somebodies. Nothing serious. Do not need anything serious. Apparently I am "distant". Well......yeah But I am happy.
3.Kids- Kids are great. They have adjusted wonderfully and we are all settling into this new life. They see their dad every other weekend.(I don't particularly like this arrangement .....but)
4. Chris and I are friends. Pretty good friends. We have the positive things about our relationship without all the DRAMA!!!! I think this directly effects the kids too!
5. School is going great! Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and sometimes I skip class but I am doing well. I finished one class a month ahead of time and the other classes I have A's. I know it will get easier as I get myself used to it.
6. Work- well this was a football season that tried my patience. There were lots of problems but I am over it now and am focusing on Winterguard. Tryouts are next week. My classes at the studio are doing well and I really enjoy them. I feel like I am growing as a teacher and have lots of thoughts and ideas for the future.

I think that about wraps up the housecleaning. Things are well as can be expected. My life has changed drastically and I definetly feel the effects of it(especially in my waisteline) but I am getting through it. I do look forward to the future and things changing. FP is not the end all to be all place and hope that my future does not have me here. But of course you guys know me well enough that I will get restless and go treasure hunting. Life was meant to be lived and explored! I could never stay in one place. Have to go, see, do! This I know. Time heals and Time changes everything.

Here are some updates of pics!!

These are from my fall photo shoot!

And these are some from Halloween.

Okay I feel a little better....

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Cori said...

Hi Bry!
Glad to hear that all is going well. Love the fall pictures of the kids.