Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thoughts at the end of a long week

Sitting here at the end of a very long week. It was great. Don't get me wrong. Lots to think about folks, lots to think about. But for all you out there in blogger, facebook, twitter and myspace, thought I would add my "thankfuls" before this weekend of Thanksgiving hooplah is over. (sorry, never been one of my favorite holidays) Forget the Turkey, eat chinese! So here we go, a little unconventional.....but anyways
Im thankful for my quiet apartment
I'm thankful for my little girl with blonde ringlets
I'm thankful for a boy who turned 9 years old
and I'm thankful that the fear of being his mom so many years ago seems to be subsiding.
I'm thankful for trees to climb in or watch my children climb in
I'm thankful for beautiful sunsets over green pastures
I'm thankful for a semester of classes almost behind me.....though I am not thankful for that ruddy English teacher(you make me ill)
I'm thankful for the past being the past...thats where it belongs
I'm thankful for mornings all snuggled up in bed
I'm thankful for my percolator(and also Folders)
I'm thankful for friends that become your family
I'm thankful for sweet notes passed back and forth and lipstick on mirrors
I'm thankful for hooters girls and hula hoops(it takes talent)
I'm thankful for my blackberry because it connects me to you
I'm thankful for families that welcome you in like you are their own
I'm thankful for the Wallflowers
I'm thankful for Cabernet Savoign
I'm thankful for Hooty Hoo
I'm thankful for new beginnings and fresh starts
I'm thankful this all will not matter in 5 years
I feel there are more........Im certain...Maybe I should do this more often. Clears my head.......ah yes, and then I can go on.

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