Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Odd things interest me......but


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Today's word is.....spindrift

noun. Windblown sea spray. Also called spoondrift.

I want some of this......yes, this thought gives me a mental vacation. Wonder if Jimmy could work this word into one of his songs. I just like saying it. And the meaning....well yeah. Don't you love it.

I'll even provide you with a photo....for your mental vacation. Here is one from Isle of Capri in Italy! Yeah, Italy! I miss you.

"mi manchi moltissimo"

See the spindrift behind me !!! Bellissimo!!!

Well this is me before the spindrift flies up....wait for it, wait for it

Oh, and if you need a definition for "mental vacation", you are 1. ridiculous or 2. not a parrothead.

Here is your definition.

The term Parrothead was coined during a Jimmy Buffett concert at the ... theme of being a Parrothead is one of relaxation and being on a permanent mental vacation, even while working.

Mental vacation- A mild cerebral hiatus from consciously entertaining expectations from the perilous and numbing things that infiltrate our lives (e.g. bill collectors, crappy jobs, stale relationships, etc). It can last as long as one desires, and, depending on one's skill, can go completely unnoticed(Urban dictionary)

On a side note-- I am totally finished with my research paper and only have one more final exam to go.......Yeah! I would like to celebrate by feeling spindrift on my face as I walk down the shore. (See, I used it in a sentence, that English class was not totally useless :)

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