Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bowling cupcakes, baby birds, I heart New York and more from Painted Sugar

K and I were checking out the cakewrecks blog(link on the right)......over to the left. I love that site the messed up ones are great but the beautiful stunning ones on Sunday! Whoa! Georgeous creations today! Well K was loving them so I pulled up Cupcakes take the Cake blog....and we were checking out cupcakes. Love cupcakes. We *hearted* the I Heart NY ones! We were scrolling down ooohhhhing and ahhhhing when she shouted look mommy I love NY and those look like my shirt.....sure enough she had it on.

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Alone in Holy Land said...

Yummy cupcakes!
Thank you for visiting my blog! I am here, following you...
My best,