Saturday, January 09, 2010

Couch to 5K challenge!

I am starting a couch to 5K program. Not necessarily for me but I am working with a few friends around here locally and I have put it out there for some of my online friends. I need it too though! I have taken two months off and my arse knows it.....and my jeans....they don't like me anymore. So I am going to start posting here each week and sending out emails to those who are joining me. I am really excited about this and hope we all can encourage each other! I have successfully trained a couple people so far to run their very first races and in school studying to become a personal trainer and physical therapist.

I will post/email the weeks schedule on Monday. I will include tips on running, cross training, and how to deal with aches and pains. I will also include tips on eating right and menu planning along with tons of Encouragement!!

Now let me state this!!!

1. I am not your doctor.
2. I am not responsible and will not be held liable for any injury or sickness you have during your training.
3. You should check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and talk to doctor about any concerns you have.

Now with all the legal stuff out of the way. Guys I am doing this for encouragement and to keep my butt accountable!!!! I don't sugarcoat, I shoot from the hip. If you want to run, get in shape , and be part of this community we are creating then join!

Start date: January 11,2010 .....Thats Monday! So get your self in gear and get started.....No I do not care how much snow you have and how cold it is out.

No excuses!!!!!

Do one of these things:
Simply comment here and leave email address.
or add my blog to your reader and just check the blog for updates(should be every Monday).

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