Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions
Book:Any one of my school books right now.....but I am looking for a good one. Think I want The Happiness Project.

Snack:eclaires..........this is so wrong and not on the diet plan

Restaurant:Are there any restaurants in this area? Ha....well no obsessions right now, but I need to not eat at the Chinese restaurant anymore.

Beverage:Ok, why am I drinking Dr. Pepper? Never have before.....but its ok.

Decor: Its kinda a JoshBry montage

Actor:The guy from the hangover.......Bradley Cooper....Oh my HOT

Actress:no favorites right now.....I love Rachel McAdams though

Movie:Probably the Hangover....This movie is laugh out loud HILARIOUS

TV show:True season starts....dang it I got to wait until June.....but in the meantime I got Josh HOOKED

Hobby: I am really getting antsy to start scrapping. oh and running!

Band:Lady Antebellum

Song:Need you now

Meme:A simple woman's daybook, thursday 13, friday fill in

Blog: A beautiful Mess and Goddess Guide

Lover: Wow, what a bold question....Guess there is only one way to answer it. JHN!

Friend: Sweet Ky.....You are so there girl

Quote: I can't go to jail, Im claustrophobic

Peeve:No dishwasher!

Sport:Is there ever any other sport than Baseball.....uh no!

Singer: Kendal kinda rocks my world with her Sing it Wii. And H and R singing at the tops of their lungs with ipods stuck in their ears.....Yeah love that

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