Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Foggy Holiday Monday Morning

I am very happy to have this Monday holiday. I have gained an extra day to my weekend.(which was pretty good, i will get the pics and post about it later) The kids are all still gone to their other respective parent for the extra day and I have the day partly to myself to get somethings accomplished. I have 3 test to finish for school. This always makes me nervous because I have no idea how the teacher will test considering it is the 2nd week of school. After today I will feel more confident with the semester. Always a positive. It is also the 2nd week of running. I have 3 local girls running with me here and a few online that are emailing me. Very motivating. We had a great week and we stayed on track with a very challenging Saturday afternoon run. I was very proud of my girls who are at different levels but our working it out and not quitting.They have even picked out bathing suits! Which is the number one motivator for a girl.....I swear it! We are going to repeat week 1 , but I am pushing them to do 30 minutes instead of 20. They can handle it. We will shoot for another weekend challenge run and add some weight training as well.

If you are following along with the program(hi penguins) here is the normal week 2.

3 -4 times a week

5 minute warm up

Jog 90 seconds/walk for 2 minutes (20-30 minutes)

Do not hesitate to repeat week 1 or any week for that matter. Move on when you are ready and that will be when the workouts become to easy.

Remember.......If running was easy everyone would do it!

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